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ART 376K: Contemporary Issues in Photography - Durst

Researching Photographers

Library Biographical and Article Resources

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Web Content

There is a lot of excellent and authoritative information you can find with a Google search.  When choosing websites, consider these factors:

  • Who wrote/put together the site and what is their expertise and perspective?  The author could be an individual or an entity like a gallery or museum.
  • Where is the information sourced from?  Are there citations or links to follow?
  • How current is the information and is it current enough for your research? 
  • To fully evaluate a website, you have to leave it.  Look elsewhere to find out more about the author, the information sources, and if it aligns with other information available about the photographer.

Some helpful sites:

  • photographer's official site
  • gallery/museum sites
  • newspaper/magazine interviews of photographer and reviews of shows and publications


Finding Books in the Library

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