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Books, Articles, Images, etc.

Costume History

Use these Databases for articles and images, etc. of costume design, past and present.

finding books in the Library catalog

use the Library Catalog to find costume history and art/photography/images 

searching by Keywords in the Library Catalog:

Lucy Barton

costume history

clothing and  dress


or looking by Subject Heading (when the keyword is too broad)



other resources

these will also help

[decade] : All-American Ads HF 5813 U6 ... (8 vol.s covering 1900-1989) FAL & PCL

Decorative Arts : a Sourcebook NK 1980 D43 2000 (6 vol.s covering 1900-1979) FAL & ARCH

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through World History GT 507 G74 2008 (3 vol.s) FAL

Encyclopedia of World Fashion and Dress GT 507 E54 2010 (10 vol.s) FAL

ALSO look at the ads and photographs in magazines from the past:

     Life 051 L625 (1885-1036) and -Q- AP 2 L547 (1936-1972) PCL

     Saturday Evening Post -Q- AP 2 S2 (1879-1969) PCL

     Look 051 L872 (1937-1971) PCL

and these guides:

Theatre & Dance Liaison

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