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UGS 302: Contemporary Topics in Pharmacy-Based Healthcare - Karboski

Find Popular and Scholarly Articles

Databases - Why so many?

We subscribe to hundreds of databases. Each one searches different information - different subjects, different journals, magazines, books, etc. Read a database's description and choose what kind of information you want to search.

Can I access these articles from anywhere?

Yes! But don't Google the name of a database or publication title and expect to get full access. Use the links on this guide or start your search from to make sure you are signed into all subscriptions. Never pay for articles. Use the library chat function if you get stuck. 

Where is the article? Help!

Sometimes you see a link to the pdf or html of a full article - yay!

Sometimes you don't...instead, you see this:

If you click that, the databases will all talk to each other, find where the article lives, and take you right there.

Oof! It's only available in print? You can go get it on the shelves, or click:

and the library will scan and email you the article - even if we don't own it!

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