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BA 324 - Business Communication

Final Project: Business Plan/Feasibility


  • use terms "business model" or "business plan" or "strategy" + industry
  • search using competitors names to find research on their strategies
  • alternate keywords to broaden search
  • contains 700+ industry reports for US industries and 75 reports for global industries
  • includes key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.
  • Provides company, industry, and country reports.
  • Includes Porter's 5 Forces, which describe the forces that affect how companies do business.
  • Industry reports show leading companies.
  • Company reports provide a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)--the opportunities and threats influence the entire industry
  • Includes market research reports for Europe, the UK, and the US. Reports cover a variety of sectors including consumer goods, travel and tourism, financial industry, internet industry, retail, and food & drink. You must create a profile using your McCombs email address ( to access Mintel.
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Demographic Resources

City of Austin

Demographically speaking, Austin continues to experience profound change.  Keeping up with how these demographic shifts affect the City is essential to successful operations and planning.  This page acts as a portal to a large collection of demographic maps and a wide array of demographic data. 

Austin's demographic story continues to revolve around the three major themes of: 1) rapid and sustained job and population growth; 2) transformative demographic diversification; 3) and, stubborn structural and spatial socioeconomic separations

  • demographic, business, and marketing data variables by city
  • statistical data related to marketing, demographic, government and industry information
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Type "Business Plans Handbook" to locate actual business plans compiled by and aimed at entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses.

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The more extensive guide on Business Plans, which has examples of structure, is available here:

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