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Looking for a book?

Search for a Book

You can search Chinese books in UT catalog using Chinese characters or in pinyin romanization. For example, search by Chinese title "紅樓夢" or "红楼梦" or pinyin title "hong lou meng".


Click on the catalog tab on the scoUT box on the UT libraries' homepage to search the library catalog.

Screenshot of library website showing highlighted Catalog tab


Understanding your Results 

After searching, you need to look for four details:

Screenshot of book entry in catalog highlighting four details1. Is this book in print or is it electronic (an ebook that you can access online)?

2. If this is in print, which library has it? Click on the link to find out more information about the location.

3. Is the book AVAILABLE? If not, there will be a due date.

4. Are you ready to check out? Write down the call number and click the location link to see where you can find it on the shelf. 


Checking out Books

Once you've located your book, all you need is your UT ID to check it out!

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