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Japan Studies

Statistics & Gov. Info.

Japan Data in International Statistics (English)

Online Resources from Japan

E-Stat: Portal Sites of Official Statistics of Japan

Statistical Materials for Learning about Japan (from  NDL)

E-Gov 電子政府の総合窓口 イーガブ 

Names of government organizations and positions [pdf]


日本法律索引(日本国会図書館)Index to Japanese Laws

Translation of laws and regulations

Japan Links: a comprehensive directory of useful websites

Print and microform resources at UT

Guide to official statistics in Japan. 
HA 37 J36 G84 2001 Non-circ

Nihon tōkei nenkan (Japan statistical yearbook) 日本統計年鑑 
HA 1832 J36 1952-

Kokusei chōsa hōkoku (population census of Japan) 国勢調查報告 *Analytical series also available. 
Microfilms: 1920-1925 FILM 26314-26316, 26318
Print: 1925-2005 HA 4621.5

Keizai zaisei hakusho 経済財政白書 
HC 461 A1 K36 2001- 

Economic survey of Japan (Nenji keizai hōkoku in English) 英文経済白書 
HC 461 A1338 1951/52, 1952/53, 1958/59 - 1999/2000

Annual report on Japan's economy and public finance (Keizai zaisei hakusho in English) 
HC 461 A1338 2000/01 -

Keizai sangyō tōkei 経済産業統計 
HC 461 K445 v.54 2001-

Kinʼyū Keizai tōkei geppō 金融経済統計月報 
HC 461 N54 no. 262-265 1969 - 

Kakei chōsa nenpō (Annual report on the family income and expenditure survey) 家計  
Subtitle, coverage and call number vary under class number HD 7057.

Kokumin seikatsu hakusho 国民生活白書 
HD 7057 A55 1964

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