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Image Use Protocol
Best practices for locating and using Japanese visual images for teaching, research, and publications

Alfred Hussey Collecton: Japan's Constitution Photo Album (University of Michigan)
The Alfred Hussey slides and photo album collections commemorate the enactment of Japan's constitution (The album is in English.).  They were part of the effort to popularize the constitution and show the educational purpose of the Committee for the Popularizatino of the Constitution.

Alfred Hussey Collection: Japan's Constitution Slides (University of Michigan)

Art of Japanese Postcards. 
From the Leonard A. Lauder Collection at the MFA, Boston. A collection of more than 20,000 Japanese postcards, largely dated from the early twentieth century to the years just before World War II.


Brower Fund Collection: Playing Cards (University of Michigan)
The Brower Fund collection contains Japanese playing cards that date to the mid-19th century.  They are housed in the Asia Library and are in the public domain under Japanese law as per their early dates of creation and dissemination.

Digital Collections: East Asia Image Collections (Layfayette College Libraries)

Early Photographs of Japan (Harvard)
Over 2,000 images primarily document the early history of commercial photography in Japan and are representative of so called tourist photograph, reflecting the western images of traditional Japanese culture before the dramatic transformation during Meiji period.

Freer/Sackler: The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art. Japanese art

MIT Visualizing Center 
Focus on Japan in the modern world and early-modern China. Digital Collections: East Asian Image Collections (Lafayette College Libraries).

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