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Tearching Resources

Prepackaged Teaching Collections

According to ARTstor:

"These Sample Groups introduce a selection of art historical and interdisciplinary themes. In each group, you will find iconic images mixed with other selections that are meant to trigger new ideas and provoke deeper research. Rather than covering the whole range of materials in ARTstor, each Sample Group is intended to be an inclusive, rather than comprehensive, introduction to a particular subject or discipline. We encourage you to use these Sample Groups to begin your exploration of the Digital Library, and to search and browse for more images related to these and other subjects in ARTstor." (ARTstor, "Teaching Resources," accessed July 12, 2016.)

Teaching Resources are a special subset of the Browse By feature in ARTstor. Below are instructions for starting from the main menu bar.

  • Using the main menu bar, select Find->Browse->Teaching Resources
  • The new screen provides access to the folders: Advanced Placement Resources, Case Studies, Curriculum Guides, and Surveys

The Surveys provide access to the top 100 images associated with a specific theme, period, or discipline.

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