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Marine Science



REGULAR HOURS (Fall & Spring Semesters) and for NON-UT PATRONS during entire year

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Key code access (MSI only) when library is locked.

The library is closed on designated University holidays.


MSI Directory

Liz DeHart, STEM Liaison Librarian for Marine Science
(361) 749-3095

Marg Larsen, Office Assistant
(361) 749-3094

For Information in Austin:

UT Austin Electronic Directory

Janelle Hedstrom, Education Librarian
Team Lead for Social Sciences and STEM Engagement Team
University of Texas at Austin



Information for the Marine Science Institute:

The Marine Science Institute has gone through several name changes throughout the years.

•1941: formally established as the Institute of Marine Science

•1968: changed name to Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas

•1975: became Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, was joined with Galveston Geophysical Laboratory and placed under an umbrella organization called the Marine Science Institute. Both laboratories were affiliated with the Dept. of Marine Studies at the main UT Austin campus

•1981: Institute for Geophysics was established and incorporated Galveston Geophysical Lab. Port Aransas facility once again became the sole location of the university's Marine Science Institute.

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