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Industry Research

Sales Data

When you research sales data, it helps to start with the industry the product belongs to and the companies that sell or manufacture that product.
Industry profiles and news often include major players and the revenue and growth of the total industry, with some segmentation statistics. 
Finding the companies that sell or manufacture your product lets you look up their filings or financial data, which provides further specific segments.
The resources on this page with help you: 
  • locate the industry
  • understand the industry through profiles and recent news, which may also have sales statistics
  • find companies in that industry selling your product, which will allow you to look up their filings and financial success
  • find statistics related to the sales of that product

Industry Information

ThomsonONE has comprehensive industry information. Follow the instructions below to access investment bank and brokerage reports.

  1.  Select "Screening & Analysis"
  2.  Select "Research"
  3.  Type Company Name or Ticker Symbol OR use the "More Options" section to search using a NAICS or SIC code. You can also use keywords to find reports with industry information.

Finding Sales Data

Using ReferenceUSA to map out industries:

In SimplyAnalytics, NAICS codes can be used to map company locations. Additionally, consumer behavior around certain products or services is included. Please see the Tutorial Video for help creating reports.

Some professional or industrial associations may have free research as well.


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