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APA Style & Citation Management

APA Style

Quick video tutorials to demonstrate APA formatting and style:

More citation help from UT Libraries

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Citation Management Software

There are a variety of citation management tools available to support students and scholars in collecting, organization and citing literature. Zotero and EndNote are the most widely used on our campus. We cannot offer tech support or one-on-one instruction to teach you new software, but there are a variety of tutorials and help pages to get you started.

Not sure how to cite something?

There is not always an exact rule for every situation. If you're not sure how to cite something, try using a citation manager or find an article that has already cited that source and use their citation as a guide for your own.

Tip: To find out if the article you're using has been cited in another paper, search for it in Google Scholar. Click "Cited by" underneath the article description.

Note: These citations might not be in APA, but they should at least give you all of the information you need, which you can then format according to APA style.

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