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BME 197E - Professional Responsibilities

Information to help with understanding the basics of intellectual property, avoiding plagiarism, and managing bibliographic references.


Keeping a solid ethical foundation in writing

 On the topic of the professional responsibility, I've been asked to address three closely related topics having to do with being a researcher and author:

  • respecting the intellectual property of others,
  • avoiding plagiarism,
  • using citation management tools such as EndNote and Zotero.  These tools help in organizing writing projects and in avoiding intellectual property errors.  (Plus, they are a big help in formatting written work.)


Good basics to remember:

  • Credit others for their work (and cite your own earlier work, if appropriate).
  • Give credit in such a way that allows the cited work to be easily located.
  • At least some trouble can be avoided by getting organized, staying organized, and keeping careful records.


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