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BME 197E - Professional Responsibilities

Information to help with understanding the basics of intellectual property, avoiding plagiarism, and managing bibliographic references.

Citation Management

Managing Citations: For Help With Organizing Work and With Document Preparation

A true wonder of the modern day are the bibliographic management tools, including Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeley.  (I wrote college papers -- even when a master's student -- on a manual typewriter on erasable bond paper typing paper so I am easily impressed, but they really are good.)  These tools help a researcher by providing database software to:

  • Collect and organize citations to scholarly works of interest; that is, works that may need to be cited. 
  • Collect and organize document PDFs,images, and other materials related to those citations.
  • Assist in writing papers and preparing bibliographies by automatically formatting the notes and bibliographies to match required styles.
  • Enable sharing citations with others.
  • Keep research materials organized.


Here is a library-sponsored table comparing a few of the the products:


Here is information about some of the products:

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