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BME 197E - Professional Responsibilities

Information to help with understanding the basics of intellectual property, avoiding plagiarism, and managing bibliographic references.

Style Guides and Publication Guides

Following a Style

When it comes to following a citation style, requirements vary on how closely an author must adhere.

To satisfy a strict editor, especially when you are working without the help of a bibliographic management tool, it is hard to do a good job without access to the complete style manual.  

For a journal submission, the guidelines may be no more than a few sample entries.  Meanwhile, an examination of articles in the journal shows that the editors probably don't check very carefully.

When you need guidance with a citation style:

Sites like the Purdue Owl help with the basics.

The University Libraries own copies of some style manuals.  If they are in print, you will have to share. 

Here is a selection of sources you may find helpful (and which suggest other similar sources):

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