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At the beginning stages of your research, it's good to think broadly. From our homepage use the search box to type two or three keywords. Enter your search and you'll find results across six different categories: Articles & More, Books & Media, Journals, Databases, Research Guides, and the Library Website.

If you're just getting started, click Articles & More. It is compiled from over 7,000 publishers and content providers and covers nearly 90% of UT’s electronic journal subscriptions. The 10% that isn't covered in this search is why it is we also encourage you to explore the other databases and journals we offer.

Different types of information you'll find here are:

  • Articles (journal; newspaper; encyclopedia; trade)
  • Books (print, electronic, single chapters)
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • Music (recordings and scores)
  • Videos
  • Government Documents
  • Manuscripts and Special Collections

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Refine Your Search

Inside Articles & More, take a look at the left toolbar with options to refine or filter your search results. To ensure the information you browse will be both credible and relevant, the most important boxes to check are:

  • Scholarly & Peer-Review
  • Peer-Review 
  • Publication Date

If you want to narrow or broaden your search now try adding or substituting different keywords and using Boolean operator search terms. If you want to narrow even more try these options to filter by:

  • Content Type
  • Discipline 

Keep an eye on the number of your search results. Start browsing when you feel you have a manageable number of results to skim through. 

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Quick Tips

Saving Articles
Click on the chain link symbol to grab the permanent link for the item in your search results



This is the best way to manage the digital information you find is to download a copy as a PDF. URLs can be unstable and a broken link can waste time and send you back to the search engine. Alternatively, click the permanent link icon which will provide a stable link back to the item in the library search results.


click the quotation symbol to generate a citation for the item you are browsing from the search resutls



Click on the quotation symbol to generate a citation for the items you find in your search results. This is a helpful tool to start building your reference page, but it is not perfect. Always consult the style guide or ask for help from a librarian to ensure accuracy. 


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