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New Faculty Symposium 2016

Students as Researchers, Writers, Presenters, Makers and Creators: How Libraries and Learning Commons Experts Support Teaching and Learning


Welcome to UT and to the Learning Commons.  During this next hour, you will learn how librarians and Learning Commons experts support teaching and learning so that your students excel as researchers, writers, presenters, makers and creators.


1. Welcome from dr. lorraine haricombe, Vice Provost and Director, UT Libraries

2. Welcome and Agenda, Michele Ostrow, Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning Services, UT Libraries

3. Rotation 1 - attend a round table or tour

4. Rotation 2 - attend a round table or tour


Round Tables and Tours

Round Table 1: Integrating Research Assignments into your Course

Round Table 2: Students as Makers

Round Table 3: Teaching with Digital Projects Instead of Tests and Essays

Round Table 4: Supporting Students as Writers

Round Table 5:  Supporting Students as Public Speakers

Round Table 6: Teaching with Special Collections

Tour of PCL Learning and Scholars Commons

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