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UGS 302: Literary Expressions of Systems Ecology - Porto

Start your Research

The Research Process

Here are a few questions and tasks to help you get started with the research process.

  • Understand your assignment -  Look for details like required types of sources and page limits. 
  • Select a research topic  - Think about what interests you and what angle you'd like to take for your research assignment.
    • Tip: Need inspiration? Try reviewing your class syllabus or readings for interesting ideas. 
  • Identify your information needs - What do you need to learn about your topic? Where might you find that information? What types of sources and information do you need? 
  • Scale your topic - Make sure your topic is the right fit for your assignment or project.
    • Too broad - Are you getting overwhelmed with information? Is your topic too much to cover in a short paper assignment?  See if there is a particular detail in your topic that you can focus on for your assignment. 
    • Too narrow - Are you having trouble finding information? Worried your topic won't give you enough material for your assignment? Think of some larger concepts and ideas that relate to your topic that you could research. 

Picking Your Topic is Research

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