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UGS 302 - Hidden Treasures of Plants - Roux

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Web of Science wants you to do a Topic search, likes when you put quotation mark as around phrases and allows you to search many terms at once as long as you separate by 'or':

search web of science as a topic search. separate search terms with or and put phrases in quotation marks

All databases allow you to add a term to your search, either on a separate line, or by writing 'and' in your search (good for narrowing results):

add a term to narrow your search 

Do the same thing in JSTOR or Web of Science, when the search is all on one line:

search with ans and ors all on one line


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If you don’t see a .pdf of the article you want, click Find it to find it in another database or in print in the Libraries.

If it is only in print in the Libraries or we don’t own the article, click Get scan to have the article emailed to you. This option will take a few days.

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