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UGS 302: How Humans Got Language - Crowhurst

Find Information with Databases

What are databases?

This video, from RMIT University, explains what a database is...

Choosing a Database

Databases at UT cover a wide range of subjects and contain a wide range of materials, including popular and scholarly articles, newspapers, images, videos, etc. 

You can search in databases that are multidisciplinary or subject-specific:

Type of Database About Start Here


  • Include popular and scholarly articles on all topics
  • Useful if scholars from multiple disciplines would write about your topic or if you don't know where to start
  • Great for assignments in UGS!


Academic Search Complete



  • Include scholarly and specialized articles from a specific discipline
  • To choose a database, think about what department on campus would have scholars researching your topic (ex. PsycINFO for Psychology topics)

Databases List (use the "All Subjects" dropdown menu)


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