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UGS 302: Language & Humor / Nonaka

Blog Post #2 assignment


Step 1:

  • Identify the broad topic (eg: immigration reform) that your Dallas Morning News political cartoon deals with and tie it to a contemporary issue. For example, if your Knott cartoon discusses prohibition of alcohol, a possible connection would be the legalization of marijuana
    • Revisit background information sources if you want to identify related topics

Step 2:

  • Search the Web for a political cartoon (see Searching the Web for Political Cartoons tab at left)
  • Save the image and upload to the blog using the following format: politicalcartoon2-yourlastname.jpg (or whatever kind of file it is)

Step 3:

  • Draft your second blog post. Your post must include:
    •  Image of your contemporary political cartoon
    • Metadata, such as tags (describing major themes, people, places, things depicted) and alternative text (alt-text) for your image
    • At least 3-4 pages of text that places your political cartoon in context. Do this by:
      • Finding, reading, and synthesizing 2-3 encyclopedia articles (database suggestions on the course research guide)
      • Finding, reading, and synthesizing 1-3 newspaper articles (database suggestions on the course research guide)
    • As part of your analysis, address the following:
      • What controversy and/or current event is depicted in your political cartoon?
      • How does your Knott cartoon and your Dallas Morning News editorial relate to your contemporary political cartoon?
      • Interpret/analyze this so that future readers, for example, your grandchildren, would be able to understand the controversy or current event depicted in the political cartoon.
    • Include citations/references for articles and images consulted.
      • In your citations, if you reference and online article (either on the open web or from within a library database, please insert the link back to article that you reference).

Step 4:

  • Continue to edit and refine your blog post draft. You can find directions on how to edit your blog post draft on tab to the left.

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