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UGS 302: The Latin Urbis: Cities in Latin American History / Lara

What to do between sessions.

We will meet again.

In between sessions, you will need to find something on your own. An article or book in your chosen topic area. Here is some support. When we meet next week, we will talk about what went well, what was frustrating. 

Use this page to search from scratch, and the page Using sources to find more sources, at left, to find sources from the bibliographies of articles you already have.

Find a book

Use the CATALOG search to find books in our collections. Your book might be in PCL or in another library. If you request a book to pick it up at a location of your choice, that takes about 2 days.

What is a scholarly book? One that is written, typically, by an academic. In many cases, the book will be published by a university press.

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