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More About ebooks

  • Not all book titles are available as ebooks.
  • Illustrations and photographs may not be included in the ebook, depending on the use agreement.
  • If you get a message that an ebook can be accessed for five minutes only, this means that the maximum number of simultaneous readers has been reached (think of this as all copies of the ebook being checked out). Try again at another time.
  • Amazon Kindle editions are intended for personal/retail market, not academic library collections.
  • If you are having difficulty with an ebook, check Help or FAQs from the provider, or ask a librarian.

The UT Libraries buys ebooks from many providers, including individual publishers and aggregators who license titles from publishers, societies, etc. This is why ebooks do not have a single, common platform or interface, and the number of simultaneous users varies.  

Most publishers, like Cambridge University Press or Elsevier, do not apply digital rights management (DRM) and user restrictions, so they are a preferred option when possible.

When ebooks are purchased through a third party, restrictions on printing, downloading, and number of users are renegotiated with the publisher on a regular basis. For some titles considered textbooks, the publishers refuse to allow more than 1 user per copy - as if you were checking out a print copy. And in some cases, publishers stop selling ebook copies of specific titles when a contract expires.

Reading ebooks on your own Device

  • Most of the libraries' ebooks can be read on your own device. If a PDF is available, you can download and keep for as long as you like. However, some Kindle devices do not support PDFs.
  • Some ebook providers have unique software requirements. These vendors also typically limit the amount of time you have access to content. Check the providers' help page or ask a librarian if you need assistance. 
  • The Austin Public Virtual Library also has a wide selection of ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded to your device.

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