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UGS 303: Latin America: Environmental History and Sustainability / Knapp

Help with research, writing, citing and public speaking

What can I ask a librarian?

  • I need to choose or narrow my research topic.
  • Where should I search?
  • I can't find sources for my paper!
  • Is this a credible source?
  • I can't access the article I need!
  • How should I cite this?
  • Am I plagiarizing?

Get help writing, citing and presenting

You can use NoodleTools to help you cite the sources you find in the required APA style. It is a reliable tool, unlike EasyBib.

Writing & Presenting & Research

Visit the Learning Commons at PCL for one on one consultations on writing, presenting and research:

University Writing Center

Public Speaking Center

Ask a Librarian

I can help you do research.

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