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UGS 302: New Urban Studies / Lewis

Evaluate Sources

The type of source you use is dependent on your information need

What does that mean?

How a source was created and for what purpose tells you a lot about how it fits into your research need.

  • Newspapers and magazines have a staff of editors.
    • Why do they choose to publish the articles that they do?
    • Who writes for magazines and newspapers?
    • Who reads these articles and for what purpose?
  • Academic journals are peer-reviewed before publication.
    • Who writes in these publications?
    • Who decides what gets published in these journals?
    • Who reads these articles and for what purpose?
  • Think of a source you read on the Web to get news or information.
    • Who writes for that source?
    • Who decides what gets hosted or posted on that site?
    • Do you pay for access to that site?
    • How do they make their money to employ staff and stay up and running?
    • Can you tell who the intended audience is and what their interests are?

Popular vs. Scholarly Sources

Popular, Scholarly, or Trade

This guide will help you distinguish between scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles and popular articles. Compare your article with the components of a scholarly article. 

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