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CE 301 - Civil Engineering Systems

Library sources to help in finding information on engineering building projects and on other civil engineering research topics.

ScoUT - for Navigation and for Broad Searching

If You Use ScoUT (the Big Box on the Library Homepage)

ScoUT is the BIG BOX on the library homepage.  It is intended to help show the way to library sources that may otherwise seem to be hiding.

You'll note the tabs with access to the library catalog, database, journal, and guides.  Those can be handy shortcuts. 

Concerning the "all" and "articles" tabs: 

"All" is a cross-media and cross-format search; that is, books and articles are found in the same search.  Results from a search can then be sorted.

"Articles" searches across various databases.  For this class, usually you should uncheck peer-reviewed only and full text only.




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