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ASE 333T - Engineering Communication

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources


Popular (e.g. Magazines, Trade Publications)

Scholarly (e.g. Journals, Conference Proceedings)


Staff writers and journalists;

business or industry professionals (Trade Magazines)

Professors and researchers

To inform or entertain (Magazines);

to inform people in a business or industry about relevant news, trends, and products (Trade Magazines)

Articles reporting research results
Audience General public  Scholars, researchers, college students
Reviewed by Editor Other scholars within the field (Peer-reviewed)
Bibliography Few, if any, citations List of references or work cited
Illustrations Pictures, cartoons, infographics, etc. Charts, Graphs, Math Equations, etc.

Time, Newsweek

(titles you can find at a bookstore)

Journal of Heat Transfer

Journal of Applied Mechanics

(titles you would find in an academic library)

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