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Sample Search

Sample Search

1. Background information

2. Find articles using the library's amazing databases: > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases

Searching Tips:

  • Use keywords and synonyms 
    • Choose keywords which represent the main concepts of your topic. Then for each concept, choose a number of keywords, including synonyms and related terms
    • Think of the official or scientific terms for common words e.g. "unmanned aircraft" for drones or "hydraulic fracturing" for fracking. 
  • Avoid abbreviations
    • use "mobile application" rather than "mobile app"
  • Spell out acronyms, especially if they have common other meanings
    • Search "near field communications" rather than NFC (e.g. National Football Conference)
  • Add additional terms to refine your results
    • "near field communication" AND security

  • Try to avoid generic words like pros and cons
    • ​If you need articles related to GMOs and their benefit to society consider using terms like “agricultural productivity” or hunger.  If you are lacking information on the negative side try adding terms like health risks" or environmental.

Example search results: 

  • Wind energy > 14,000
  • Wind turbines > 10,000
  • Wind turbines AND noise > 600 
  • Wind turbines AND noise AND rotors > 70

There is no one “right” way to search. These are just a few tips and suggestions, if you are having trouble finding information – email me! I can help with choosing keywords or recommend databases and other resources.

Ask for help if you 

  • can't finding enough material on your topic
  • can't locate the full text of an article
  • can't find a book or are having problems with an e-book

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