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PCL Data Lab

The PCL Data Lab is located in the Scholars Commons on the entry level of the PCL.

The Data Lab is open to all UT staff, faculty, and students on a first-come, first served basis. The lab is open during the same hours that the building is open. If you have questions about the Data Lab, please send an email to

The lab includes 15 iMacs, running  Mac OS X 10.11.2, with the following software installed:

  • Google Earth
  • Microsoft Office 
  • NVivo
  • OpenRefine
  • PhotoScan *
  • Python
  • QGIS
  • R
  • R Studio
  • SQLite  
  • Stata/MP
  • Sublime Text
  • Tableau Public
  • Text Wrangler

For more information about learning and using these programs, see our Data Lab Guide.

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