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Story Maps

Story Maps

Story Maps (ESRI) is a great tool to create interactive online maps.

Let's get started with Story Maps is a Scalar chapter that walks you through the basics of setting up an account and has examples, but ESRI's  How to make a Story Map is another great way to get started with Story Maps. The most important thing is to decide the style of map (or App) before you start.

Find Maps in the PCL Map Collection

PCL Map Collection - Maps are organized by continent and then country.  Be sure to check the home page "Online Maps of Current Interest" often.
Use the grey column on the left-hand side of the page to navigate the site.  Notice the sections below the continents, U.S., Texas, Historical, etc..

Print maps:
Start here: > Research Tools > Library Catalog > Advanced Search


  • First select "Maps & Atlases" from the "Material Type" dropdown menu.
    material type screenshot
  • Type a place or theme in the search box.
  • Tip:   If you want to try different search terms, you will have to return to the Advanced Search page (I use the browser's back button) to keep the "Material Type" limitation.



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