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Global Classrooms Faculty Workshop

Information Privilege

Information costs money.

UT spends more on collections, both print and electronic, than all but 9 other university libraries in the US. This means most of your partner institutions will not have access to the type and breadth of research our students do. 

Librarians can work with you to engage students on this topic. We confront the underlying assumptions that students today have about access to information. Giving students the opportunity to question their privilege and what role that plays in education and in democracies is transformational knowledge.

OERs can help in the global classroom

Because of the information privilege piece of your upcoming collaborations, you may want to lean on Open Education Resources. When you work with a librarian, we can help you prioritize the use of open access materials or OERs.

Reaching out to your partner institution to tailor a list of Open materials, or to collaborate on the creation of a OER tailored to your course goals would benefit your students and beyond.  

We can easily link to OERs useful to your course in any course guide we tailor for you.

We can host OERs and other open access materials on our institutional repository, Texas ScholarWorks.


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