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UGS 302: Language and Humor

UGS 302: Language and Humor / Angela Nonaka

This assignment integrates two components of a Signature Course: a collection found in the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History (a campus gem) and library research on a chosen item from that collection (information literacy). Using historical political cartoons authored by John Knott of the Dallas Morning News, students selected, read, and contextualized a cartoon using UT Libraries' resources. Students conducted research related to their cartoon and addressed issues of context, bias, and citation in order to write up a blog post describing their research process. This assignment asks students to find the original news article that accompanied the selected political cartoon, to read about the context of the political cartoon using background information, and to summarize the topic and humor being depicted in the cartoon.

To prepare for this research, students attended a library research session about how to put your political cartoon in context. The research session and accompanying materials covered: visually “reading” the cartoon to come up with keywords that describe the content and creating metadata (tags), finding background information using key terms to contextualize the content depicted in the cartoon, creating a research strategy to search library resources (library databases, books) and selecting appropriate and relevant library resources.

Updated August 2017

The instructions for the assignment, including for posting to the WordPress course blog, are in the course guide:

Rubric for Blog Post Assignment


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