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Faculty Resources

Resources to Support Teaching

Embed Research Projects in your Course

  • Course Support Requests:  Partner with a librarian to design research assignments, teach your students to find, evaluate and ethically use information, and assess student research projects.  Consult with us, schedule an instruction session, embed us in Canvas or get a tailored research guide for your course.
  • Information Literacy Toolkit: find sample assignments and approaches to teaching research that you can download and customize for your course.  Find examples of how other faculty at UT have approached teaching these skills.
  • Plagiarism resources:  Resources for preventing plagiarism in your classroom.

Digital Projects and Making

  • The Foundry:  The Foundry is the makerspace for campus.  Contact us to integrate making into your course.
  • PCL Media Lab: The Media Lab  provides hardware and software to create audio, video, 3D animation and still projects.  Contact us to integrate media projects into your course or to book the Media Lab as a teaching space.
  • PCL Data Lab:  The Data Lab provides hardware and software for analysis and management of data and advanced research projects.  Contact us to integrate the data lab into your course or to book the Data Lab as a teaching space.
  • Request a PCL Learning Lab:  PCL Learning Labs are technologically rich, flexible teaching spaces that seat 32 to 84 students.  Faculty may request a Learning Lab for their course up to 2x per semester.  Requests will be considered if the Learning Labs technology will be used to facilitate collaboration, not simply presentation; or for instructors needing space to help students work with the print collections in PCL.  Librarians are available to help you integrate the technology into your course.
  • Integrate digital projects into your course:  Contact librarians about integrating digital projects into your course.  Ideas include making videos, podcasts and exhibits as alternatives to traditional research papers. This Learning Technologies rubric guides you in the selection of digital tools.

Teaching Writing

University Writing Center presentations: Request a presentation from the Writing Center for undergraduate or graduate classes.

Course Materials

Reserves:  Place course materials on reserve in any campus library for use by your students.  

Media Booking -  Book DVDs to show to your class on a particular day.

Link to articles and ebooks from your Canvas site: Learn how to create links to save your students money.  Guide includes other money saving tips.

Open Educational Resources (OERs):  Find  free, open resources to use as is or remix for your course.  You can also create and share your own OERs.

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