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MAN 366P - MGMT PRACT: Social Entrepreneurship

SWOT Analyses

  • ‚ÄčMarketLine Advantage: Current SWOT analysis for public & private companies
  • Investext: GlobalData strategic financial SWOT analysis reports for public & private companies
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MarketLine Advantage will contain the most recent SWOT analysis for a public and in some cases larger private companies.

Investext contains recent and historical SWOT analysis reports produced by GlobalData and MarketLine. Follow instructions below to find a SWOT analysis for public and private companies and for subsidiaries as well.


Public Companies
  1. Company: type Ticker or Company Name
  2. Add To Criteria
  3. Select Contributor from dropdown menu
  4. Type GlobalData and select
  5. Type MarketLine and select
  6. Click Search in Search Criteria box
Private Companies and Subsidiaries
  1. Select Keyword from dropdown menu
  2. Type Company or Subsidiary Name twice separated by a comma.
    • Example: Uber Technologies, Uber Technologies
  3. Add To Criteria
  4. Select Contributor from dropdown menu
  5. Type GlobalData and select
  6. Type MarketLine and select
  7. Click Search in Search Criteria Box



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