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S W 360K - Social Work

Practice With Abused and Neglected Children and Families

Find Information for the Group Project

Search the library catalog for books and ebooks on your topic. Try broad keywords at first, and then narrow down.

Think of these resources as scholarly Wikipedias. They provide background and contextual information for concepts, people, agencies, etc.

Government agencies have information about their programs and related laws, regulations, and policies on their websites. Here is an assortment of starting points, but there are many more. Get in touch if you have questions about your agency.

Use a scoped Google search to explore government information on your topic. For instance, the following search returns results about child sexual abuse from U.S. government webpages:

child sexual abuse site:gov

Explore the history of U.S. and Texas bills and statutes using these sites:

Use library databases to search for research articles evidence-based or evidence-informed practice. Get in touch if you have questions!

Perform a scoped Google search for statistical information online. Here's an example of a search that is limited to .gov webpages:

adverse childhood experiences statistics site:gov

Other endings:



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