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UGS 303: Cross-Cultural Tongues / Colomina-Almiñana

Finding evidence for your arguments

What evidence do you need to support your claims?

For several of your upcoming assignments you are required to make claims. What kind of evidence do you use to make your claims?

"Statistics borrow from mathematics an air of precision and certainty but also call on human judgment and so are subject to bias and imprecision." From Making Sense of Statistics

Do any of the following resources help you back up claims with statistics or opinion polling?

When we talk about academic or scholarly resources, we are talking about books or articles written by experts within a field. What makes someone an expert? Well, that often depends on the discipline or circumstance, right? Below, I have listed databases to use when you want to find research done by experts, who, typically, are those in academia. 

What do journalists do? They report on events, of course, but they are also responsible for keeping the public up to date on the latest research produced by those experts we talked about before. Those academic articles are written for other academics and only published in expensive scholarly journals. A journalist translates this highly technical language and makes it compelling for the public. Try reading an article by a journalist and then tracing the research they refer to back to the scholarly literature. 

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