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TC 302: Cultivating Resilience - Schnyer


How to Read a Scientific Paper

Welcome to the UT Libraries

This short video will introduce you to many of the services and materials the Libraries provide to UT students. 

In class

Take a minute to read a little bit of each of your assigned sources on your own (you won't be able to read all of the sources during class, if your source has an abstract, concentrate on that) and look through the source, noticing its structure and any other characteristics you think are important. Think about some of the considerations we brainstormed.

Then, talk about the following at your table (be ready to discuss with the larger group):

  1. What would you call each of these sources (or what type of source is each one)?
  2. Who wrote each of these sources? Who published them? What does that tell you about the source?
  3. What do you know about how each of these articles was created? What does that tell you about the source?
  4. Could these sources be useful to you as you work on your project? How?

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