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Conferences & Symposia

Conferences and symposia are where scientists gather to share the results of their latest research, often before journal articles are published.  The records of these meetings may or may not be published themselves, but these are the forms that they can take:

  • Abstracts:  Brief summaries of papers presented
  • Extended Abstracts:  Longer summaries of papers, with more data and graphics
  • Preprints:  Longer summaries that appear prior to the meeting
  • Proceedings:  Full papers from a meeting, selected and edited into a more formal book-length publication after the fact

Use the tabs below to learn about these formats specific to chemistry and major chemical organizations, along with tools for locating them. 

The American Chemical Society publishes abstracts of papers to be presented at technical sessions of the ACS Spring and Fall National Meetings.


Abstracts from the current meeting are available on the ACS National Meetings web site.  Go to the Technical Programming Archive for abstracts from past meetings back to 2004.


Abstracts since 1995 (210th meeting) are included in SciFinder.  In Chemical Abstracts the title was historically abbreviated as:
"Abstr. Pap. Am. Chem. Soc."; and more recently appears as:  "Abstracts of Papers, [N]th ACS National Meeting, [place], [date]".


The abstracts were published on CD-ROM.  In 2007 the title changed to Abstracts of scientific papers.


Abstracts of papers - American Chemical Society are available as printed volumes. This is the ONLY source for these abstracts from 1937 to 1995.  No abstracts were published before 1937.

Unless a paper was also published as a preprint from one of the Divisions, or as a postprint within a separate proceedings volume, there are no full papers -- the abstract is all there is.  You should contact the authors for more information, or search SciFinder for later articles based on a meeting presentation.

Various technical divisions of the American Chemical Society have published short preprints of papers in advance of national meetings.


Division Title

Web Access

(Restricted unless noted)

UT Archival Holdings
ENFL* Energy & Fuel Preprints 2012- CD-ROM 2012-2014
ENVR Environmental Chemistry Division Preprints Extended Abstracts
(ceased 2008)


(not subscribed)

Print: 1973-99 (incomplete)

CD-ROM: 2000-07


Fuel Chemistry Preprints

(ceased 2012)


1957-2004 (open access)

Print:  1960-2002

CD-ROM: 2003-12


Petroleum Preprints

(ceased 2012)


Print: 1942-2005

CD-ROM: 2006-09


Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering

(ceased 2015)


Print: 1983-2001

CD-ROM: 2002-07


Polymer Preprints

(ceased 2012)


Print: 1962-2004

CD-ROM: 2005-09


*  The FUEL and PETR divisions merged into the Energy and Fuels Division (ENFL) in 2012.  The former divisions published their respective FUEL and PETR preprints for the Spring 2012 (243rd) meeting, and launched ENFL preprints with the Fall 2012 meeting.

** The final published volume of PMSE Preprints was the Spring 2015 meeting.  Earlier titles of PMSE were:  Organic coatings and applied polymer science proceedings (1982-83); Organic coatings and plastics chemistry (1978-81); Coatings and plastics preprints (1974-77); Papers presented - American Chemical Society, Division of Organic Coatings and Plastics Chemistry (1960-73).

*** Polymer Preprints ceased after the Fall 2012 meeting and was replaced by graphical abstracts available only to division members. 

Full papers from selected topical symposia held at ACS meetings are later published as proceedings volumes.

All volumes in these series are individually cataloged.  Search for them in the Library Catalog by series title + volume number as keywords (e.g. KW= acs symposium 1081), or by individual book title. 

Archival E-book access is available to UT-Austin persons for both series from 1950 to 4 years ago

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers holds Spring and Annual meetings.

  • There is no comprehensive index or archive of AIChE meeting papers.  Some papers are indexed in SciFinder or Engineering Index. The catalog of the Linda Hall Library lists some too.
  • From 1979 to 2000 selected papers were issued on microfiche, but these are not widely held in libraries; the UT Libraries do not own any.  Consult with a librarian before trying to request a paper via interlibrary loan, because a request is not likely to be successful.
  • Proceedings of conferences since 2003 (including their various topical symposia) are a mix of abstracts and full papers that have been sold only on CD-ROM.  The CDs are generally not held in libraries but may be purchased individually from the AIChE web site
  • The AIChE Symposium Series (1971-2002) and its predecessor Chemical Engineering Progress Symposium Series (1951-71) published post-prints of selected topical symposia from the AIChE meetings.  The Chemistry Library holds complete runs of these series at TP 1 A488/5.  These papers were fully indexed in SciFinder.  
  • Some meeting papers may have been revised later as articles in AIChE Journal or other journals, sometimes with slightly different titles.  Searching for the authors in SciFinder can reveal these revisions.




The ECS Transactions can be searched or browsed for conference papers from ECS national meetings.  


The ECS published print conference proceedings until 2005.  These books are individually cataloged in the Library Catalog by conference name and title, under the series heading Proceedings (Electrochemical Society) plus a year/volume number.  UT's holdings are mostly complete after 1988.  If you have a reference to a paper such as
   Proc. Electrochem. Soc. 97-12

search for this volume in the Catalog using keywords:
   proceedings electrochemical 97-12 [hyphen required]


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