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Guide for students in E314 classes


How to Use This Guide

Welcome to your course library research guide! Your librarian is Gina Bastone. Please contact her if you have questions -- her contact info is to the right. This guide has four sections to help you with your research for E314:

  1. Brainstorm & Use Keywords: Learn how to come up with search words that will bring you relevant search results.
  2. Background Information: Want something like Wikipedia, but from vetted scholarly sources? This page has links to reputable background information, including a link to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  3. Find Articles, Books, Chapters, Reviews & More: Find step-by-step instructions on how to run a search to find just the right sources for your assignments!
  4. Write & Cite: Get help with integrating your sources into your writing and creating proper citations and bibliographies.

Check out the English Literature Subject Guide to learn more about literature research.

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