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LEB 323 Business Law and Ethics


LEB 323 Business Law and Ethics

This course familiarizes you with various concepts of business ethics and several areas of business law - all with a strong focus on practical lessons and “real world” case studies that are intended to prepare you for the business world. This guide will provide you with all necessary resources required for the course.

Company, Industry & Market Research

Company Research Guide

  • Analyst Reports
  • Annual Reports & SEC Filings
  • Company Profiles
  • Competitors
  • Corporate Structure
  • SWOT Analyses

Industry Research Guide

  • Industry Classification
  • Industry Competition
  • Industry Profiles
  • Industry Reports
  • Ratios & Statistics
  • Trade Information

Market Research Guide

  • Advertising Expenditures
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Demographics & Target Markets
  • Market Research Databases
  • Product Research
  • Public Opinion & Viewpoints

Business Librarian

Loretta Wallace, MLS
Research Consultations:
PCL 2.312H
(512) 495-4271
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