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Marine Science Graduate Seminars

Graduate Dissertation Seminar, 2019

Tuesday, August 6, 10:00 am

Relationships between the behavioral dynamics of fish spawning aggregations and reproductive resilience

Christopher Biggs, Ph.D.

Lecturer, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute
August 2019
Supervisor: Brad Erisman

Tuesday, January 22, 10:00 am

Factors that influence the distribution of the Arctic endemic kelp, Laminaria solidungula (J. Agardh 1868)

Christina Elisa Bonsell, Ph.D.

Research Engineering, Scientist Associate IV, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute
May 2019
Supervisor: Kenneth H. Dunton

Texas ScholarWorks

Wednesday, May 8, 11:00 am

Dissolved organic matter in Arctic watersheds and coastal waters

Craig Thomas Connolly, Ph.D.

May 2019
Supervisor: James W. McClelland

Friday, October 25, 1:00 pm

Resilience to an acid base disturbance and the development and plasticity of acid-base regulatory pathways in estuarine teleosts

Joshua Lonthair, Ph.D.

Supervisor: Andrew Esbaugh

Friday, May 3, 10:00 am

Uncovering Asgard archaea and their metabolic roles in diverse sedimentary environments

Kiley West Seitz, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany
May 2019
Supervisor: Brett J. Baker

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