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Citations & Avoiding Plagiarism
Evaluate Websites, Books & Articles

When searching for academic articles, be aware that many academic journals contain case studies, news, option pieces, book reviews and other non-peer reviewed material.  Each article should be evaluated on its own merits.

Google Tricks
  • Search for PowerPoint presentations and white papers by adding filetype:ppt or filetype:pdf to your keywords
  • Limit to education and organization sites by adding site:edu or site:org to your keywords
Find Business Articles
  • Business Source CompleteJournal, trade publication and magazine articles covering all aspects of business
  • Factiva : National and international newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal - You can find information about how to choose a research topic by watching the video here.
Final Project: Ethics Violation
Need help picking a paper topic? The video below will show you how to find recent articles on ethics violations, bad/poor decisions, scandals, and business missteps using the Factiva database. Note: The sound on this video is low, please turn your volume up. 

Final Project: Business Plan/Feasibility
Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • contains sample business plans in the "Business Plans Handbook"--you can go to advanced search to put in your search terms and select this publication
MarketLine Advantage: provides company, industry, and country reports
  • includes Porter's 5 Forces, which describe the forces that affect how companies do business
  • industry reports show leading companies
  • company reports provide a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)--the opportunities and threats influence the entire industry
  • contains 700+ industry reports for US industries and 75 reports for global industries
  • includes key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more. 
Business Source Complete
  • can use terms "business model" or "business plan" or "strategy" + industry
  • search using competitors names to find research on their strategies
  • alternate keywords to broaden search
City of Austin 
  • Good source of demographic information about Austin
  • Market research reports on consumer goods and services in the US, UK, and Europe
  • Basic directory information on US businesses and consumers.  Allows you to make specialized lists of businesse
  • demographic, business, and marketing data variables by city
  • statistical data related to marketing, demographic, government and industry information