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Career Services Office in Each College - Find Contacts

The UT libraries have many books and e-books that will assist you on the path to your career.  Try search terms like resume, interview, or cover letter.

Search for books and e-books

Helpful Databases
Career Resources
  • Job & Career Accelerator: Users can assess their work-related interests, explore occupation profiles, search for jobs and internships, and get help preparing job-application materials.

Find Companies
  • ReferenceUSA : Helps you create company lists that fit your career criteria.  Here is a video detailing how to make a custom company list using ReferenceUSA.  ReferenceUSA also contains job postings from Indeed.com.
  • Uniworld Online : Contains directory information for foreign companies operating in the US and American companies operating abroad.
  • Book of Lists : BizJournals' Book of Lists provides lists of top companies by city, according to different criteria.  This is a good resource if you're looking in a specific city.
  • Mergent : Advanced international company search. Allows you to make custom lists of companies by industry and country.  Here is a video illustrating how to create a competitor comparison list.

Industry Overviews (Good for Interview Prep)
  • MarketLine Advantage : Includes detailed company and industry reports with analyses of company strengths and weaknesses.
  • IBISWorld: Industry reports contain key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.
  • BizJournals : Includes business journals for 40 large American cities.  These contain lists of large companies and top employers within the city.
  • Factiva : Contains the Wall Street Journal, other national newspapers, and local and international news.  Factiva is a great source for finding recent company news before you interview.
Job Websites
Search here for job postings:
Use keywords including title, location, and internship. Also consider searching for your skillset to broaden your results.

Another excellent resource for networking and learning about a field is the industry/trade association. These exist specifically to disseminate information about their industry and to help make connections within the field.  Often, even very small and specialized industries will have active associations.  To find associations at every geographic level, add "association" to your Google search.
If you're interested in non-profit work, you can still use all of the resources listed above, but also consider these specialized sources: