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Advanced Research Tips
Check out the search tools for your database or index; these are usually found behind a help link, a question mark box, or a gear image.
  • Look for *, ?, "", AND/OR/NOT, W/5 or WITHIN 5 or NEAR, BEFORE, etc.
  • Think of your search terms like math equations: the search "horror fiction" AND "pop culture" OR "popular culture" will not bring back results as relevant as "horror fiction" AND ("pop culture" OR "popular culture").
Use InterLibrary Services to borrow from other libraries materials we don't have.
Use clipboard, folder, or similar functions in databases and the Catalog to make a list of resources and email them to yourself.
Use RSS feed options in databases to keep you updated on material additions that fit your search.
Use citation buttons in databases to view and/or export citations in the correct style.
Find Authors, Overviews, & Critical Analysis
What fields relate to your research question? Check out the Databases by Subject
www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases > Databases by Subject

Find Authors & Field Overviews in databases/indexes like these:

Find Critical Analysis in Articles, Chapters, Books, and Reviews using databases/indexes like these:

Where is the article, chapter, or book?
1. If the Catalog, database, or index record you have located does not link to the full article or book, click the button to see if the full text is available electronically or, if you are not already in the Catalog, in print in the library.

2. No
button? Copy the name of the journal or book and search for it in the Library Catalog title search.

3. Not in the Catalog? Ask for help or request it through InterLibrary Services.

Get Help
Contact the course librarian:

Kristen Hogan

IM a Librarian
Monday-Thursday, 10am - midnight
Friday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, 6pm - midnight
Research Skills Refreshers
Need a research skills refresher? Check out the UT Libraries
resources for graduate students
Resources for You >
Graduate Students

Find text and videos to help you when you need to:
Generate Keywords
Find Articles
Find Books
Understand citations
Keep track of your citations
& more