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Patent Searching

To learn how to be effective in your patent search, view the Patent Search Tutorial from the engineering library.
How large is the industry? What opportunities or threats are there?

     All Industries including Manufacturing & Services
  • MarketLine: Industry profiles that include Porter's 5 forces and listing of major companies
  • FirstResesarch: Profiles for niche industries
  • Reference USA: Online yellow page directory of companies with revenue and employee ranges (good for private companies)
  • Business Source Complete: Industry profiles, market research, and news
     Consumer Products
  • Mintel: Market size, trends, drivers, segmentation, forecasts, supply structure, advertising and promotion, consumer charactreistics, and market forecasts.  Must use an "@utexas.edu email address to create an account.
  • Compendex: Engineering and technology database of journals, technical reports, and conference papers
  • INSPEC: Scholarly literature that often includes information about commercial applications of technologies
     Life Sciences
  • MedLine: Journal articles form biomedical journals
  • ClinicalTrials.gov: Searchable database of clinical research studies, 1997-current

How is my company doing in comparison to its competitors?

Public Company Financials & Reports
These resources provide companies' financial disclosures and reports showing further analysis.

  • Thomson ONE: Financial comps, SEC filings, investment bank reports
  • Mergent: SEC filings, 15 years of financials, annual reports, create comparison reports
  • MarketLine: Company profiles that include full SWOT and list major competitors
  • Business Source Complete: Company profiles, SWOT analysis, industry profiles, market resarch and news

Private Company Ratios
Since private company financials are not disclosed, ratios can provide a benchmark for comparison and sizing the market.

  •  eStatement Studies: Financial ratio benchmarks for private companies by region and company size segments

What trends are there in the industry?  What products have been released?

  • Factiva: Newspapers and trade publications from around the world - includes local news, WSJ and Financial Times
  • BizJournals: Local business journals
  • Regional Business News:local business journals and newspapers
Market Research
What demand is there for my product?

  • Mintel: consumer characteristics, trends and forecasts - focused on consumer products
  • Thomson ONE: investment bank reports often contain market research.  Find reports by filtering by industry, searching for public competitors or using keyword searches for private companies and market research firm names.
  • SimplyMap: create tables and maps of consumer characteristics and census data
  • Statista: aggregated statistics across all markets and subjects.  Has some research from major firms such as Forrester and Gartner.
  • Organizations and Associations: use a Google search to find these for your industry, often have free statistics
Market Research Search Tips
  • Google for presentations and white papers.  Use "filetype:ppt" or "filetype:pdf"
  • Sign up for free accounts with market research firms like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, IDC, NPD, isuppli