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Citations & Avoiding Plagiarism
Evaluate every source before using it in your paper
  • Authority: Who wrote this? Do they have credentials or a reputation in the field? Should I be using them as a source of information?
  • Content: Is the information relevant? Is this information current enough? Is the information accurate? Is there documentation or evidence?
  • Purpose: Is there a bias or agenda? Who is the audience?
  • Business Source Complete : Journal, trade publication, and magazine articles covering all aspects of business
  • Factiva : National, international, and local newspapers including the Wall Street Journal . Limit to Source = Mutual Fund Prospectus Express for mutual fund information
Company & Industry
  • MarketLine Advantage : Company reports with SWOT; industry reports with Porter's Five Forces
  • IBISWorld: Industry risk rating reports to be used alongside financial statement analysis.
  • Thomson ONE : Financial comps, SEC filings, investment bank reports
  • Mergent : Financials, Create company comparison lists
  • Compustat (WRDS) : Financial history from 1976; security daily/monthly from 1983
Google Tricks
  • Search for PowerPoint presentations and white papers by adding filetype:ppt or filetype:pdf to your keywords
  • Limit to education and organization sites by adding site:edu or site:org to your keywords