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Library Catalog
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Library Catalog
or here: choose the Catalog tab on the scoUT Search Box on the home page

What can I do with it?   Find the items owned by the UT Libraries, including books, DVDs, CDs, maps, journals, e-books and more.  Does not search for articles and does not search inside books.

How do I search?  Use one of these search types for a broader or more specific search.
  • Keyword: Searches author, title, subject and other fields for your keyword.  Best search to use to find books on a topic or if you only have part of a title.
  • Title: Alphabetic search by title - remember to leave out the initial article (a, an, the)
  • Journal Title: Alphabetic search for titles of newspapers, magazines and journal.  Does not search for articles.
  • Author: Type author’s last name, and, if you know it, first name or initial
  • Subject heading: Enter a formal Library of Congress Subject Heading.
  • Course Reserves: If your professor has put a book on reserve, search using the course name, number, or the professor’s name
  • Music Search: Search for all formats of recordings in the five campus libraries that have musical recordings.

Advanced Search to limit by format:

Where do I get the item?
To find the item on the shelf, note which library it is in (location) and write down the entire call number.
Also check the "current status" to make sure it is not checked out or on hold.

Want more? 
Library Catalog search tips
Find a Book in the UT Libraries (video tutorial)

Search Box (scoUT)
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > All tab on the search box

What can I do with it?
Search across most library content at once to find what we have on your topic. Less precise search good for discovering a broad range of items on your topic.

How do I search? 
Just type in your search terms. To narrow your search by format, in the left hand column put a check in the box next to the Content Types you want (ex: book/ebook, DVD, etc.)

How do I get the item? Use the call number to get it from the library, or, if it is an eBook, click the link to read it online.

Want more?  See the  scoUT Search Tips.
Start herehttp://www.worldcat.org

What can I do with it? Search the collections of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide.

How do I search?  Use the tabs to search just books, just DVDs or just CDs; or use the Advanced Search for more precision searching.

How do I get the item?  Click on the title to open the record for the item. If you are on campus, you will be connected to the UT Libraries network and can check the Library Catalog and/or place an Interlibrary Loan request from there. If you are off campus, under Find a Copy in the Library, search by zip code (78705) and click on University of Texas Libraries to find it in the library here.

Tip!  Sign up for a free account and designate University of Texas Libraries as a favorite to have it show up at the top of your Find a Copy in the Library list.
Start herehttp://books.google.com

What can I do with it? Search inside hundreds of thousands of books for information on your topic. Results may be the full text of books, a portion of a book or just a citation/information about the book.

How do I search? 
Just type in your search words and search just like you would search Google.

How do I get the book?  If you find something you like and want the whole book, click Find in a Library and you can check to see if UT Libraries owns it or, if not, request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Want more?  See the  Find Books in GoogleBooks guide
Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan - if we don't have it, ask us to get it for you. We'll borrow it from another library and lend it to you. Set up a free account. No charge, no limit.
Library Catalog - use your EID. Allows you to renew books online, request books, save searches and records, and opt in to your reading history to keep a running list of items you have checked out in the past.

- set up a free account to designate your favorite libraries, save searches, and keep item lists.
The UT Libraries subscribes to hundreds of thousands of E-books. Depending on the vendor, you have different options for viewing, downloading and printing.

See the Find and Use E-Books guide
LibX - a free Firefox Add-on that gives you options for searching Library resources, including the Catalog, from anywhere.
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