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Find Business Articles & Reports
  • Business Source Complete: Journal, trade publication and magazine articles covering all aspects of business
  • Factiva:  National and international newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal
Career Resources
Looking for a career in marketing? Visit the marketing section of our BA 101 course guide.
Refining Your Topic: Ethical Dilemmas
The easiest way to find a specific topic with lots of information available is to start by looking at news articles.  You can find these in the Factiva database. The short video below shows you tips on how to select your topic. While this video focuses on business scandals, the search strategies are the same to find articles on an ethical dilemma. You can start out with the keyword "unethical", and then follow the steps explained in the video to narrow your search.

  (Low Sound. Please turn up your speakers.):

Then, take the topics and keywords that you discovered to Business Source CompleteBusiness Source Complete contains academic journals, trade publications, and magazine articles that will give you a more in-depth view of your topic.
After conducting your initial search, you can examine the subject terms listed for each article to broaden or narrow your search. You click on the subject terms to start a new search, or copy the terms into the search while keeping some of your original keywords (for example, keeping the keyword "unethical" and adding "internet surveys").

Finding a Company's Litigation History
LexisNexis contains summaries of legal cases that will enable you to examine a company's litigation history. This video will show you how to search LexisNexis to view court cases involving a particular company.