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Find Background Information & Statistics
Start by finding broad overviews of your chosen commodity. These sources are good for background knowledge, keyword brainstorming, identifying important names, dates, and events, identifying various aspects of your topic, narrowing your topic, and finding other sources using the bibliographies presented at the bottom of entries.

Generate Keywords for Your Research Topic
How to Generate Keywords

This interactive tool guides you through the process of creating an effective keyword search for your research topic and then allows you to email the results to yourself and/or your instructor. You can also launch the search in the Library Catalog (to find books) or Academic Search Complete (to find popular and scholarly articles)
Google Search Tips
Narrow your results using these tips:
  • Search for an exact phrase by putting your search terms in quotation marks (ex: “commodity chain”)  
  • Search only a specific site (ex: usda.gov) or domain (ex:.org) by typing in your search followed by site:.org, site:.gov (ex: coffee imports site:usda.gov)
  • Eliminate results from a specific site (ex: .com) by typing in your search followed by -.com
Find Articles
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases


  • Academic Search Complete and Academic OneFile :  Magazine, journal and newspaper articles
  • Google Scholar :  Use Google to search for scholarly books and articles.  Access it through the Libraries web site so you are connected to the full text of items in the libraries' collections.
  • ScoUT :  Search most, but not all, of the Libraries materials at once.  After your initial search, use the limiters on the left side to narrow your search.
  • JSTOR :  Scholarly.  Primarily retrospective, meaning few current articles.
  • LexisNexis Academic : Newspaper articles from around the world.

Where is the Article?

If the articles isn't available in the database you are searching,
follow available in findit@ut to see if it is available in another database or in print in the library.
Find Books
  • Searches books in all campus libraries
  • To find a book on your topic, start with the Keyword search.
  • When you find a good title, follow the subject headings for more books on the topic.
  • Searches the full text of books provided by publishers and libraries. 
  • If you find a book you like and the full text isn't in GoogleBooks, search the Library Catalog for the title to see if we own it.
Find Articles tutorial

Find Books tutorial
Find Primary Sources
 Here are a few sites you may find primary sources (reports, policies, laws, statistics) about forced/child labor or human trafficking in your country to compare to the TIP report for your country:
  • humantrafficking.org - use the left hand navigation to select your country; includes explanations of laws and initiatives (in English but not word-for-word translations) from your country and links to relevant agencies in your country, some of which are in English
  • Pages for Embassies to the US - English language information from the embassy of your country - if it isn't linked here, Google it
  • International Labour Organization - not a source from your country but may have information about your country
Potential sources
During the time you are searching for articles and/or books, please fill out this form to record one source you think will help you.  I will follow up after the session to make sure everyone is on the right track with their research.

Report source here

Evaluate Websites, Books and Articles
Get Help
Contact the course librarian:

Michele Ostrow

IM a Librarian 
Monday-Thursday, 10am - midnight
Friday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, 6pm - midnight

UGS Drop-in Research/Writing Labs: Get research help from Library Staff and writing help from Writing Center consultants.  Just drop by PCL 1.339 in the basement of PCL during any of the following times:
  • Wednesday, March 19, 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Tuesday, April 8, 7:00-9:00 pm