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Available Data




Data Included


Decennial Census

Every 10 years since 1790

Every household

name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship, home ownership/rental


American FactFinder


Social Explorer (includes historical)

American Community Survey

Every year

3 million households

Age, sex, race, family and relationships, income and benefits, health insurance, education, veteran status, disabilities, where you work and how you get there, where you live and how much you pay for some essentials

American FactFinder


Social Explorer

Economic Census

Every five years (due in 2012)

Employer businesses

“detailed portrait of the United States' economy once every five years, from the national to the local level”


American FactFinder

2010 Census Data Release Schedules
  • American FactFinder - free from the US Census Bureau.  Includes decennial census, American Community Survey, Economic Census and more.  Harder to use than Social Explorer but gets 2010 data releases more quickly.  Downloadable to statistical software.
  • Social Explorer -  Includes decennial census, historical census data, American Community Survey and a little more.  Easy to understand and use - allows you to create customized maps and reports.  Downloadable to statistical software.
  • SimplyMap - a mapping application that enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographic, business, and marketing data variables.
  • Historical Statistics of the United States -  includes historical data collected by the Census Bureau and other data, with footnotes analyzing and explaining the data.  Downloadable to statistical software.
  • Texas State Data Center - focal point for the distribution of Census information for Texas.
  • Detailed Information about Historical Decennial Census - includes what was on the questionnaire, and, therefore, what data you can expect to find within.
Geographical Terminology
  • Census Tracts - "A small, relatively permanent statistical subdivision of a county delineated by a local committee of census data users for the purpose of presenting data."
  • Blocks - "A subdivision of a census tract (or, prior to 2000, a block numbering area), a block is the smallest geographic unit for which the Census Bureau tabulates 100-percent data."  Don't necessarily correspond to actual city blocks.
  • Block Group - "A block group consists of all the blocks within a census tract with the same beginning number."
  • Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) - "a geographic area that approximates the delivery area for a five-digit or a three-digit ZIP Code. ZCTAs do not precisely depict the area within which mail deliveries associated with that ZIP Code occur."
  • Full Glossary - look up other Census terms