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UT Services and Resources
UT's Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Special Projects sites are great place to get started.  The following pages are particularly useful...

The Regional Foundation Library is also an outstanding resource for the UT community.  They are part of UT's Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and a long-standing member of the Foundation Center's national network.  

Their collection includes core sources related to funding, including access to the Foundation Directory Online, and their staff are incredibly helpful in determining the best ways to approach your funding search.  They are located at 1009 East 11th Street and an appointment in recommended.  Call 512-475-7373.
SciVal Funding

SciVal Funding
is a large database designed to help researchers find funding.  Access is restricted to the UT community via UT EID authentication.  

Creating an account allows you you save results, generate recommendations, and set up alers so you will be automatically informed of any new or update funding opportunities that match your saved searches.

More information about SciVal from UT's Office of Research. 

Federal Resources
  Grants.gov is the main search portal for federal funding.  Sign up to be alerted when new funding opportuntities arise.

 Federal Register: When a new federal funding opprotunity is made available, it is first announced here along with deadlines, eligibility requirements and other rules/criteria.  Limit your search by date and to the "notice" section.

  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a database of federal programs offering funding.

Resources Especially for Graduate Students
Graduate & Postdoctoral Extramural Support (GRAPES) Database
Database of graduate and postdoctoral funding opportunities from the Univeristy of California at Los Angeles.

Graduate Guide to Grants
Database of graduate funding opportunities from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Harvard University

National Science Foundation (NSF), Specialized Information for Graduate Students
National Science Foundation (NSF), Specialized Informatino for Postdoctoral Fellows
The NSF maintains a list of funding and research opportunities specifically available to graduate students and post docs..

Check out the professional and scholalry organizations realated to your disciplines and research.  Many will have fellowship and grant programs available to graduate students.  Examples...
State Resources
  Texas eGrants is the main portal for locating competitive funding opportunties from the Texas State agencies.

  Texas Register: where new state funding opportuntiies are first announced and detailed.

 Texas Department of State Health Services Funding Information Center offers many resources for those seeking funding, including a Funding Alerts Database, a Funding Alerts  Newsletter and Grant Writing Resources

   Texas.gov offers a complete list of state agencies.  Scan relevant agencies sites for funding opportunities.
The Foundation Center has a mission to "strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy" and they help grantseekers gain the information they need to succeed in securing funding.  

They offer a free Grantmakers Search that provides links to foundations' 990 tax forms, which you can review to see the type of projects/research they often fund.  To access the full version of Foundation Directory Online, visit the Regional Foundation Library.  They also share a popular Proposal Writing Short Course, provide prospect worksheets and publish the Philanthropy News Digest,.

UT Libraries purchases print versions of the Foundation Directory each year.  The most current volume is kept on reserves and older issues can be found in PCL Stacks.

Guidestar gathers and disseminates information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations.

The National Center for Charitable Statistics is a national clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States.

Corporations and business are not generally the best source of research funding, but they can be a good source for in-kind support.  Finding these opportunities take some digging, but here are a few ways to get started...

  Google is probably your best source for tracking down companies with corporate giving programs.  

  Example search: "corporate giving" "mental health" site:com

  The National Directory of Corporate Giving is published annually by the Foundation Center, and a copy is purchased for PCL Stacks every two to three years.

   Reference USA:  A directory for finding business by industry/specialization.

Archiving Your Research
A 2013 White House memorandum directed federally funded research to be made available to the public within one year of publication, and many departments have begun outlining policies and procedures for ensuring this public access...

UT Libraries offers a variety of data management support and resources, and our digital archive, Texas ScholarWorks, is a great option for researchers hoping to make their work more visible to the public.  Many journals allow authors to deposit pre-prints and/or post-prints in such repositories.  To know if this is a possiblity with your publications, check your author agreement or look up the journal's policy in Sherpa/Romeo.

In general, if you have questions related to self-archiving, open access and copyright, don't hesitate to contact your subject librarian!